Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

clean and maintain your swimming pool

Our service technicians are available for one-day or multi-day contracts. They are there for you 24/7 and have the resource to make fast repairs.

Water care of a swimming pool, whether particular or not, is fundamental, as well as keeping it in perfect conditions. Although it is true that we can often take care of ourselves, the truth is that it is important to leave in the hands of experts the handling of chemical products that are necessary for this process, thus avoiding risks.

The life cycle of the pool water is closely linked to the time of year, so its treatment will vary in frequency of control and chemical products according to whether it is the summer season – when water is exposed to a greater number of pathogens and bacteria, introduced mainly by users of the facilities themselves, or winter, when the impact is minor due to lack of use, without this meaning that no specific care is necessary, in this case known as winter storage.

Servicia Solutions has a team of experts in Malaga who will guarantee that water in your pool complies with necessary requirements to be used in complete safety. There are various services and care, according to the needs and specific wishes of the client, among others:

  • Water analysis, ensuring an excellent quality of the same: we take care that the water quality of the swimming pool is optimal to avoid health problems being free of pathogens.
  • PH regulation.
  • Chemical products.
  • Chlorination.
  • Anti-algae.
  • Flocculant.
  • Anti-calc.
  • Fungicide treatments.
  • Quality control.
  • Cleaning of leaves and residues.
  • Cleaning of walls and backgrounds.
  • Cleaning of Coronation stone.
  • Cleaning of pre-filter pump.
  • Filter cleaning.
  • Pool glass cleaning.
  • Placement and/or removal of cover.
  • Preparation for wintering: we use products to avoid development of bacteria and algae, avoiding the formation of lime and putrefaction of water.